Our Exhibition

New York Public Library Project (NYPLP) 5: Measuring the Size of the Sea Storing in a Library
New York (Ottendorfer Branch Public Library), 1-11/5/2008

I spent a few days in a library and read all of its books in order to measure the size of the sea storing in the library. Let's see how I did it! When I came upon a book with a full-page image of the sea on the cover or inside page, I would borrow that book. I then linked up every sea level of the books until they formed the shape of a sea. The concept of this artwork came from our imagination on the notion of “one” sea. When we look at the sea, we can never see the end. Irrespective of the locale, the sea generally all look the same. This artwork was executed at the Ottendorfer Branch Public Library, New York, which has approximately 6,000 books in its collection, 68 of them have a full-page image of a sea, 56 of which are on the cover.


Five Lines Parallel to the Sea
Hong Kong (Clear Water Bay), 16/5/2005, Staff


You Never See a Square!
Italy, 23/10/2008

A square is defined as having all sides equal in length, and its interior angles are all at 90 degrees, though its shape does change according to one's position. So, in reality, our eyes have never actually "seen" a real square, as it can only appear in our imagination.


The Horizon Placed at Home
Hong Kong, 8/9/2004, 5 bottles of seawater from Victoria Harbour

I drew a horizontal line on a map of Victoria Harbour, and the line went through a total of five intersections on the coastline. I filled up plastic bottles with seawater from those intersection points, each the same amount, and then I put the five bottles of seawater at home - A continuous sea level emerged.