Our Exhibition

About 172cm
Hong Kong, 5/1/2006


Waiting for a Friend (Without an Appointment)
Hong Kong (Kowloon Tong MTR Station), 29/12/2006 (12:47-16:38)

Without an appointment, I randomly selected a place and waited for a friend there. This time Jacky, a university classmate whom I had not seen for two years, appeared at the chosen location at 16:38. He asked me, "How do you know I'd be here?" I told him, "I really don't know... but I've been waiting for you here for a long time!"


The Horizon Placed at Home
Hong Kong, 8/9/2004, 5 bottles of seawater from Victoria Harbour

I drew a horizontal line on a map of Victoria Harbour, and the line went through a total of five intersections on the coastline. I filled up plastic bottles with seawater from those intersection points, each the same amount, and then I put the five bottles of seawater at home - A continuous sea level emerged.


Waiting for Everyone to Fall Asleep
Sham Shui Po (Tonning Mansion, Tonkin Street) 27/12/2006 (22:30) > 28/12/2006 (06:00)

I stood in front of a 13-storey building in Sham Shui Po and waited for all the residents to fall asleep. The photographs were taken at 22:38/01:40/02:36/04:09/05:04. A person in the building remained awake throughout the night, we ended up wasting a night together while being on opposite sides of the street.