Our Exhibition

New York Public Library Project (NYPLP) 5: Measuring the Size of the Sea Storing in a Library
New York (Ottendorfer Branch Public Library), 1-11/5/2008

I spent a few days in a library and read all of its books in order to measure the size of the sea storing in the library. Let's see how I did it! When I came upon a book with a full-page image of the sea on the cover or inside page, I would borrow that book. I then linked up every sea level of the books until they formed the shape of a sea. The concept of this artwork came from our imagination on the notion of “one” sea. When we look at the sea, we can never see the end. Irrespective of the locale, the sea generally all look the same. This artwork was executed at the Ottendorfer Branch Public Library, New York, which has approximately 6,000 books in its collection, 68 of them have a full-page image of a sea, 56 of which are on the cover.


About 172cm
Hong Kong, 5/1/2006


Breathing in a House
Korea (Busan), 1-10/9/2006 (10 days)

I rented an apartment in Busan (measuring 6.7m x 2.7m x 2.2m). Although I lived my daily life as usual there, I collected all my breaths in transparent plastic bags until they filled up the entire apartment. The process took ten days to complete and I felt as if part of my life was absorbed by this apartment.


Waiting for a Friend (Without an Appointment)
Hong Kong (Kowloon Tong MTR Station), 29/12/2006 (12:47-16:38)

Without an appointment, I randomly selected a place and waited for a friend there. This time Jacky, a university classmate whom I had not seen for two years, appeared at the chosen location at 16:38. He asked me, "How do you know I'd be here?" I told him, "I really don't know... but I've been waiting for you here for a long time!"


A Travel Without Visual Experience
Malaysia, 7-11/10/2008 (5-day/4-night tour group)

I joined a 5-day/4-night tour group to Malaysia, a country that I had never been before. From Hong Kong to Malaysia then back to Hong Kong, I either closed or covered up my eyes (in order to pretend that I was blind) for the entire journey. During the trip, I was still doing all the sightseeing and took many photos, but instead of seeing, I only used my body to sense and experience my surroundings. These photographs enabled my “future” eyes to view the documented foreign landscapes at a later stage. My images, along with photography and videos from other members of the tour group, became the sole reference of my indirect memories and visual experience for Malaysia. I will possibly never step foot into Malaysia again.


Alternative Tokyo Travel Project 2: Valleys Trip
Japan (Tokyo) 27-28/2/2007, 1-2/3/2007, 5/3/2007 (5 Days)

Map: Tokyo 23 Districts (1:10000 / 2006-1 Edition), I walked from the southern part to the northern part of Tokyo, 24 pages in total.

When I open a map booklet, I have always found it very difficult to comprehend the space at the middle fold. It inspired me to plan a walk within those spaces. I walked vertically from p.1 to p.296 on the Tokyo booklet, 24 pages in total, from the southern part to the northern part of the city. I called it “Valley Trip” because the pages are arched in the shape of two mountains and the gap itself is caved like a valley. I stood and took photos at every point while crossing through the valleys.


Waiting for Everyone to Fall Asleep
Sham Shui Po (Tonning Mansion, Tonkin Street) 27/12/2006 (22:30) > 28/12/2006 (06:00)

I stood in front of a 13-storey building in Sham Shui Po and waited for all the residents to fall asleep. The photographs were taken at 22:38/01:40/02:36/04:09/05:04. A person in the building remained awake throughout the night, we ended up wasting a night together while being on opposite sides of the street.