Our Exhibition

A Lake is a Huge Floating Cloud
China, 11/5/2007, Drawing


Two Identical Circles - One for the Left Eye, One for the Right Eye
New York, 14/8/2007, Charcoal Drawing


Using the Light of the Waning Moon to Draw a Full Moon
Norway, 5/9/2007, Photography

I took this photograph with long exposure: I aimed the camera at the new moon, and then rotated the camera in a full circle within 1.3 seconds. The light from the new moon was traced as an orbit in the film. After about a hundred attempts, the new moon finally became a full moon.


You Never See a Square!
Italy, 23/10/2008

A square is defined as having all sides equal in length, and its interior angles are all at 90 degrees, though its shape does change according to one's position. So, in reality, our eyes have never actually "seen" a real square, as it can only appear in our imagination.


The Horizon Placed at Home
Hong Kong, 8/9/2004, 5 bottles of seawater from Victoria Harbour

I drew a horizontal line on a map of Victoria Harbour, and the line went through a total of five intersections on the coastline. I filled up plastic bottles with seawater from those intersection points, each the same amount, and then I put the five bottles of seawater at home - A continuous sea level emerged.


Installation View, Pak Sheung Chuen Solo Exhibition: All Days All Nights
Courtesy of Vitamin Creative Space, Guangzhou, 2009


Waiting for Everyone to Fall Asleep
Sham Shui Po (Tonning Mansion, Tonkin Street) 27/12/2006 (22:30) > 28/12/2006 (06:00)

I stood in front of a 13-storey building in Sham Shui Po and waited for all the residents to fall asleep. The photographs were taken at 22:38/01:40/02:36/04:09/05:04. A person in the building remained awake throughout the night, we ended up wasting a night together while being on opposite sides of the street.